Jay Hoecker M.D.

Jay Hoecker, MD, originally from Texas, has lived and either trained or practiced in Texas, Missouri, Connecticut, and since 1989, Minnesota. Pertinent to the book TWINLESS he studied physiology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, during which time he became familiar with New Orleans and some of the Cajun country of Louisiana. After medical school in San Antonio, he trained in pediatrics at Washington University’s St.Louis Children’s Hospital before returning to Texas to do a fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, a place which also became known to his co-author Russell (Rusty) Perrone. Meeting by serendipity Jay Hoecker and Rusty Perrone began a project together, the result of which was TWINLESS as well as a unique and special friendship. Dr.Hoecker’s career cut across the spectrum of pediatric medicine from basic science bench research  (University of Texas Medical School, Houston), to in-patient pediatrics (Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury, CT), to community pediatrics primary care, pediatric infectious disease consultation, and child abuse recognition and management (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN). Before and following retirement from clinical practice at Mayo Clinic he has edited patient education material for Mayo Clinic’s patient education web site, MayoClinic.org, in addition to owning a mediation practice in which he mediates healthcare disputes between patients and their healthcare providers. In retirement his clinical pro bono practice has been centered in a school clinic within an alternative high school in Rochester, and medical mission trips to northern Baja, Mexico. Having a life long passion for writing, when the unplanned and unexpected opportunity arose in 2015 to collaborate with Rusty Perrone to write a memoir of Rusty’s life dealing with the relationship of identical twins, he did not hesitate and proceeded to have one of the most rewarding experiences of his life, sharing the writing of Twinless. Hoecker is married, lives in Rochester, MN, and has a grown daughter and son.