Randall (Randy) Perrone

Randall (Randy) Perrone was a millennial Italian American native New Orleanian with artistic interests centering on painting, music and writing poetry and lyrics for his musical compositions. Most relative to TWINLESS he was born the older, by minutes, of identical twins, with Rusty Perrone being his twin brother. While as boys Randy and Rusty did most things alike and together, as they entered their teens and early twenty’s Randy migrated mostly toward writing and playing music and painting, and Rusty toward helping run the Perrone Family’s fourth generation New Orleans Italian food distribution business. Randy also played an important part in the family business alongside his brothers Rusty and older brother John in launching an expansion of the business working to sail that ship through rough waters. Following graduation from Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, Randy attended and graduated from the University of New Orleans, pursuing a musical degree until Hurricane Katrina destroyed that program, after which he graduated in business. Randy had many adventures coming of age in this environment, most of which were shared with his twin Rusty, but some of which were unique to him. Among his young adult adventures was developing his creative side, which included a release of Peace of Mind, a album which his family and friends consider a masterpiece, recorded and performed by his band ZamaPara. Randy played guitar, sang, and wrote the lyrics to all of his songs. He had begun a promising career of recording and performing his music and also working in tandem with Rusty to grow the 4th generation family business when his life took an unexpected and uninvited turn. In addition Randy was a painter, an artist whose creations were both mysterious and inspiring. Randy cared more for life’s journey and less for its destinations but was forever mindful of the direction his life was taking him. Like his brother, Rusty, he experienced life’s great joys and its challenging struggles, which he met with courage and determination, providing inspiration to others in his life. Now through Twinless, and through his recorded music on CD’s, that inspiration can be shared with a larger world that includes you.