Russell (Rusty) Perrone

Russell (Rusty) Perrone is a millennial Italian American native New Orleanian with a thousand interests. Most relative to ¬†TWINLESS he was born an identical twin, with Randy Perrone being his twin brother. Like most identical twins Rusty and Randy did most things alike and most things together until their mid to late twenties when Randy migrated toward writing and playing music and painting, and Rusty toward helping run the Perrone Family’s fourth generation New Orleans Italian food distribution business, launching an expansion of the business and working to sail that ship through rough waters. Following graduation from Brother Martin¬†High School in New Orleans, Rusty attended and graduated from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans, appropriate for a Catholic Italian American family offspring, before, during, and after which he traveled the world, with a not-surprising interest in Italy, where his family not only have their roots but also long term business associates. Rusty and his wife, Cristy, are both native to Louisiana, and are busy raising a family of three children in all the traditions and customs of Louisiana and New Orleans. When not tending the business, raising a family, or writing this book, Rusty like his twin Randy plays guitar and sings, although admittedly in the shadow of his very talented twin who has been his inspiration in this and so many other life adventures. As a young man, not even at middle age yet, he has lived, enjoyed, and suffered the highs and lows of the life of an identical twin, a circumstance which is the core of his being and experience. He has touched bottom and risen from it with persistence, patience, and dedication to the things that matter most in life with loyalty and support both from and to family at each unexpected turn. If there is a glue that has held all the pieces of Rusty’s life together, it is his positive attitude which is illustrated by a slow and careful reading of his story, TWINLESS.